Regina Gohr
Program Supervisor

Parents as Teachers
Missouri Curriculum Partner

Parents as Teachers (PAT) is a free and voluntary program provided through the Clever R-V School District. PAT offers regular home visits and developmental screenings to families with children ages prenatal-not yet in kindergarten. 

Program Services (All Services are provided FREE by Certified Parent Educators):

  • Personal Visits: Certified Parent Educators, who are specially trained in child development, make personalized home visits.

  • Group Connections: We offer parent-child activities and parent-education events that provide opportunities for families to learn from and support each other, as well as experience safe and positive interactions with other children.

  • Referral Network:  PAT helps link families to other community services.

  • Screenings: Developmental screenings are offered to assess your child's overall development in the areas of:

  1. Speech and Language

  2. Motor Skills

  3. General Knowledge

  4. Hearing

  5. Vision

How to enroll in Clever R-V Parents as Teachers:

Please contact Regina Gohr, Program Supervisor 
Office Phone: 417-221-7804

Facebook message:

We recommend following our Facebook page for more information regarding events, screening information and other updates.