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Clever R-V School District will prepare your child for our rapidly changing global economy by teaching and modeling 21st century skills:  Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity. We take action with fierce intentionality to create a learning environment, where students are excited to attend! When students are excited about school, their successes will meet and exceed our expectations! We provide opportunities for students to discover their passions and learn by by developing creative and innovative solutions to real world problems.  We strive to converge contents, which deepens student learning and allows for real world application of acquired knowledge. Whether students are heading toward a college or career pathway, we will provide them with exploratory opportunities to help guide and personalize their learning. This can be fostered by providing personalized learning for not only students, but also professional development for teachers. We are:  Inspiring and Empowering EVERY learner! 

Core Values

Clever Bluejays