CTL "Fun" Raiser Success

On November 15, 2016 the 7th and 8th grade Opportunities group went to the Victory Mission warehouse in Springfield. They were looking at ways that people use their skills and talents to better their community. Afterwards, they got together to think about how to help in their own community. They decided to contribute to Care to Learn, an organization in Clever that gives school supplies, coats, food, or other necessities to kids whose parents cannot afford them. The students visited the Care to Learn storage area to see what type of items they needed.

Then, the class came up with an idea to help get supplies. Starting Monday, January 30, the elemiddle school had a ¨fun¨ raiser to help collect supplies. On Monday, they had a hat day if you brought in a bottle of shampoo or conditioner. Tuesday was crazy sock day if you brought in a new pair of socks. Wednesday was blackout day with a donation of $1 or more. Thursday was pajama day if you brought in a new tube of toothpaste. Friday was sports day with a donation of easy open food items.

Mrs. Stephanie Brown said “I am so pleased with this project because it was completely student generated. The students identified the need, came up with a fun way to help, and did all the work themselves to put the project into action. They spoke to classes, made posters and flyers, collected items, and counted all the donated items.”

During the week, they collected 378 bottles of shampoo and conditioner, 754 pairs of socks, $584.50, 320 tubes of toothpaste, 623 toothbrushes, and 508 cans of food. All of these items will be donated to Care to Learn to help students in the Clever School District.

Article by Kyle Murdy and Stephanie Brown